Jack HadR, a dutch dj / producer.
Mostly focussed on producing big room type of beats, with major drops.
Jack HadR likes to make the nice melodys that turn over into some sick drops,
he produces his tracks with the famous Fl Studio software, just like Afrojack and many others.
Jack HadR started around the age of 14,
with making some sick hip hop rap instrumental beats,
he already collabed with some great rappers,
but around the age of 20 he changed his style from hiphop to the more edm side of the scene,
making electronic house music became a big part of his life.
now the last time he is formally focussed on getting that big drops, like what you hear in the latest big room house tracks.
he can also make allot of other styles like: Trap, Drum and bass, Electro house, dubstep, future house.
If you like his music make sure to follow him on these social media platforms:
@jackhadr << Demo’s for Procedure Radio
you could click the link below to download my tracks for free:
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